Application for Outreach to Zambia

24 June – 8 July 2023

Thank you for your interest to volunteer at the Zambia Project and your desire to assist us in accomplishing our vision of

Each applicant is required to pay all their own costs, which includes transport, accommodation, food and malaria pills.
We estimate the cost of this trip to be R9,500 per individual. Please complete your Application Form by 31 March 2023. 

You can download the form & complete it later or you can complete the form online:

Below are the prerequisites to be part of Hope Church George’s Outreach teams to Western Zambia:

  1. Team members need to have a personal commitment to Christ Jesus and a hunger for a deeper walk with Him.
  2. Team members need to be willing to submit to authority and demonstrate a servant’s heart.
  3. Unless accompanied by a parent or ministry leader, Team members must be at least 18 years of age. Children aged 5 & under won’t be able to go on the outreach.
  4. You need to be self-financed.  You are responsible for raising your own support to cover both personal and work related expenses.
  5. You need to be recommended by your Small Group leader/s or ministry leaders.
  6. You’ll need proper ministry experience in line with the role you wish to fulfil while in Zambia.
  7. We require that you are covered with emergency medical insurance for the duration of your term in Zambia. This is essential for all who visit or here, whether for a few days or several years. Most domestic medical insurance plans do not cover foreign travel, so check with your plan administrator to verify your coverage. If you need additional insurance cover, you can talk to your travel agent. Alternatively, you can give us proof that you have sufficient finances in case of any emergency

If your application is successful, you will be required to complete the following forms at least 2 weeks prior to our departure to Zambia:

  • Indemnity Form
  • Medical Form
  • Protocols

Watch this video with some highlights of our last Outreach: