If you can’t join our in person program, please feel free to connect with us through our Livestream program on our YouTube Channel. Join us for a time of fun, worship and hearing God’s Word.


Much more than a youth ministry, we are a generation found in and set apart by the love and hope of Jesus, and we won’t be quiet about it. As young people, we know that we face more challenges and hardships than ever before and deal with very serious issues on a daily basis. Even amidst these daily battles, we also know and believe that our generation can be the greatest generation of Christian leaders this world has ever seen, once we discover who we are in Christ. We know that God has a plan of wholeness and happiness for everyone, and Hope Youth is here to help young people in our church and community accept and live out that truth.


Our Small Groups meet straight after our Livestream program on Zoom/WhatsApp according to grade and gender.
To join a Small Group please email Soraya at