What is Hope Kids all about?

We want every family to enjoy church together! Hope Kids is all about learning more about Jesus in a fun and engaging way. Our heart is to see families grow closer to God together!

When is Hope Kids available?

We’re open during every Sunday Service, as well as other events like First Saturday Prayer and Heart & Soul.

Who are our volunteers?

Our Volunteers are devoted, Jesus-loving Christians that have a heart for developing our future leaders. Each of our volunteers have completed the Discovery course at Hope Church, as well as Hope Kids leadership training. Each of our volunteers carry our Hope Church values and firmly believe in our motto – so others may live!

All adult volunteers are required to complete a police security check. We value your family’s safety!

Age Groups

Our Hope Kids are divided into age groups during our services, so that each child can enjoy a program that is relevant and engaging to their specific age group. Hope Kids are split into 6 Groups:

  • Tots – 1-3yrs
  • Preschool-Gr1
  • Gr2-3
  • Gr4-5
  • Hope Gen – Gr6-8
  • Champions Club

Champions Club:
A loving environment for children with special needs, where they are nurtured and taught about God by a specialised, dedicated team.

Parents Room:
Available for parents with new-born babies to 12 months old.

Mother’s Room:
A peaceful environment where mothers can nurture and feed their babies.

I have children of different ages. Can they stay together?
Although we encourage each child to belong to their particular age group, siblings are welcome to stay together. Often younger siblings need time to adjust to a new environment and nothing helps better than the comfort of an older brother or sister. In these cases, we encourage older siblings to sit with their younger siblings during the program. This allows time for the younger sibling to make friends of their own age and get comfortable with their leaders!

Can my child stay for more than one service?

Of course! If parents attend multiple services, like when attending the Discovery Course or volunteering, we want them to know that their children are safe and having plenty of fun!

What are Take Home Pieces?

These are an awesome tool for parents and kids to reflect on Sunday’s Message and remember what they’ve learned! They also include fun activities!

How do I register my child?

Signing in:
It’s easy! Registration opens 15 minutes before each service. Each child receives a printed sticker with their name and their parents’ contact info. Parents will receive a unique sign-in number, which they have to keep with them during the service.

Signing out:
When fetching your kids at the end of the service, show us your unique sign-in number. This helps us ensure your child’s safety!

What if something goes wrong?
A senior member of our team will contact parents via SMS.

What does a typical Sunday look like?

Our program is designed to be engaging and interactive at every turn! You can expect your children to make lots of new friends and learn more about Jesus every week!

Worship is a big part of our Hope Kids program. We want children to understand the heart behind worship – putting all your attention on Jesus and giving him everything you’ve got

Each Age Group will receive a short, relevant and impactful message, inspired by the Bible and designed to be fun and engaging. We believe God’s word is alive, active and powerful! Each month, we cover a specific topic based on a verse in the Bible. Our monthly themes help us to equip our Hope Kids with a better understanding of the Bible!

Small Groups/Circle Time:
We’re all about making new friends! Circle Time and Small Groups are a space where kids get to know their leaders and each other. We pray together, play a couple of message-related activities and recap our message.