Let Hope Leadership College prepare you for your unique destiny.

Hope Leadership College is not an ordinary college! When you are a student at Hope Leadership College, we’re not only preparing you to lead, but also to transform your whole life, in whatever occupation you’re in.

There’s a misconception that ministry is only for Churches. We hear the expression “going into ministry” as if it is the same as “becoming a pastor”, but in Ephesians 4:12 the Apostle Paul talks about equipping the saints for the work of ministry. These saints are the everyday Christians, like you and me. In Ephesians 4:12, anything that builds up the body of Christ is ministry. So, the saint could be an artist, a businessperson, a lawyer, a politician, an actor, a stay-at-home parent, a social worker, a teacher, a missionary – in fact, anyone, can serve in ministry if the body of Christ is built up.

At Hope Leadership College our mission is to raise and equip once-in-a-generation-type leaders. But who is to to say that these leaders have to be the ones leading churches? A leader could be the scientist who finds an amazing treatment for clinical depression or a computer programmer developing the next learning machine.

If we limit ministry only to leadership in churches (and good church leadership is certainly needed!), then we limit the impact the Church of Jesus Christ can have on the rest of the world. It’s the ministry beyond the four walls of where we meet on Sundays that is most important. What happens on a Sunday should be the overflow of our ministry during the week. Leadership, Bible and theology aren’t fields for specialists – they’re skills and tools for everyday living! At Hope Leadership College we prepare you to lead as well as transform your whole life.

What is Hope Leadership College? 

Hope Leadership College was founded to champion the calling of students for ministry and the marketplace. The College runs from February to December each year. It prepares the next generation for more than a career path. It is an intensive one-year program that includes lectures on Biblical studies and leadership subjects as well as practical and hands-on training experience. To live a life of influence, preparation is essential. By the the end of the year, you will have grown in your leadership capacity, confidence, character and have a fuller understanding of relationships, God’s preferred future for you and your role in it.

A typical week at a glance

The program runs from Tuesday to Friday and a full day and evening on Sundays. Although our office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., there are many instances where students may need to arrive early or leave late. Students will serve in different areas of church life such as Kids Church, Youth, Schools Ministry, creative areas, hospitality, events and more. They will also attend lectures and Bible Studies and serve wherever they are needed.

Do we have holidays or breaks?

Our program is divided up into four terms, and students receive a one-week break at the end of each term to refresh and get ready for the following term. 

College fees

R4 500 once off (includes 10% discount) or R450 a month X 11 months. 


Our Leadership College offers a one-year SATS accredited certificate in Practical Theology. This counts as 48 credits towards a Bachelors degree in Theology should you wish to study further after our one-year program.

Once I have completed the one year what’s next?

We believe God takes you on an incredible journey throughout the year and reveals your next season when the time is right. We take time to pray and chat with you about this. We offer a 2nd Year at our Leadership College which focuses on practical leadership development for those who want to continue on. This includes continuing your studies and degree program with SATS. Some students go on to study elsewhere or work and do what God has called them to after completing their first year at our Leadership College. 

What is the application process?

Applicants must be 17-25 years old.

There are a number of simple but important steps to follow to complete your application successfully.

STEP 1: 

APPLY – Complete and hand in our Application form to Hope Church or email it to info@hopechurch.org.za.

STEP 2: 

SUBMIT VIDEO – Using a Smartphone, please film a 30-second video of yourself explaining why you want to join our Leadership College. Then email your video to us at info@hopechurch.org.za.

STEP 3: 

You will be contacted by the Leadership College to schedule an interview appointment. 

STEP 4: 

You will receive notification whether your application has been successful or not by the end of November.

Application deadline: 30 November each year

College fees: R4 500 (non-refundable)
Subject to change for 2020 enrolment.