What is Kingdom Builders?


Kingdom Builders is a ministry for those who have a heart to build God’s Kingdom by giving over and above normal tithes and offerings.

Kingdom Builders aren’t necessarily for wealthy people, but for generous people who embrace our motto, SO OTHERS MAY LIVE. Anyone who has a passion to see our church’s VISION fulfilled can be part of this team!

Our VISION is to build a dynamic church of tens of thousands of people. A church that starts other life-giving churches & brings HOPE to a lost & broken world.

Our MISSION is to reach people that are far from God and help them become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We exist, “So others may live”.


What is required to be a Kingdom Builder?


The requirement to be a Kingdom Builder is a commitment of R20,000 a year. This is a monthly commitment of R1667.


Want to find out more or join our Kingdom Builders Team?


Email kingdombuilders@hopechurch.org.za for more information.

Our Kingdom Builders ministry had a humble start with only a handful of people at our first meeting on the 2nd of April 2015. We knew then that we must not despise the small beginning as God loves to see the work begin! (Zachariah 4:10) We’re so inspired by what God’s done!

Together we have so far raised R3 454 865, which R2 763 433 was invested as follows:

– R   100 000 – Church Planting in Zambia
– R1 165 552 – Hope Church George Air Conditioner
– R   417 240 – Hope Church George Generator
– R     80 000 – Hope Kids George Play Area
– R   513 602 – Hope Church Protea Park
– R     50 000 – Hope Kids Mongu
– R   150 000 – Medical Missionary in Zambia
– R   143 706 – Hope Church Protea Park Launch
– R    48 416 – Hope Church Protea Park Grass & Paving
– R    44 915 – Hope Kids George Stage
– R    50 000 – Hope Church George Sound Desk

How good is God? None of this would have been possible without the generous of our dynamic Kingdom Builders Team.